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Document Translation from a Spanish-to-English Translation Specialist

Translation is similar to the art of interpretation except that it involves written forms of communication, ranging from text messages to books.

While the terms are often used interchangeably, they are not the same.

As an analogy, interpreting is like communicating by phone – interactively – in real time.

And translating is like communicating by letter.

The linguistic knowledge required to translate documents is not necessarily the same as that required for interpretation and the skills required to translate are indeed different from the skills for interpreting. Not all interpreters can or want to be translators and vice-versa. Translation can be done solo or in teams and it can be done from the comfort of anywhere, but it involves thorough analysis and at times laborious research and/or typesetting to render a final product that mirrors the original. Interpretation, on the other hand is completely interactive, spoken communication done on-site, remotely by video, or over the phone, and the only writing involved for the task is note-taking as needed.

Naturally, the certification process for translators is completely different than it is for interpreters. There is no State translation certification test offered or required in Florida as there is for court interpretation. However, there are certain non-profit organizations that offer translator certification testing and excellent resources for translators and linguists such as the American Translators Association. The purpose of these certification tests is to obtain an objective measurement of an interpreter or translator's expertise and skills upon which anyone can rely. To learn about Norayda de León-Jones and her interpretation and translation credentials, see Credentials on the Home page.

  • N-Zone specializes in the translation of formal, commercial and legal documents such as: employee manuals; benefit guides; vital statistics records; family law-related documents; academic transcripts; documents for immigration purposes, and more.
  • All documents translated by N-Zone Interpretation & Translation are accompanied by a notarized Certification of Translation and have never been challenged or returned by any entity.

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